Culinary Arts

Mixed Media Collage

Whizbang Saranades

I started making jams a few years ago because I had an apricot tree that was, well, overproducing. My friend Tara gave me a recipe sans pectin and I followed the directions but wasn’t crazy about the recipe. At the time, I was starting to gather recipes that I’d created over the years and I shared my creations with friends and family.

Last year I had my first-ever art show with my collages but had so many jars of jams and chutneys that I wound up putting them out to sell. It took off from there and now I invent interesting creations with nontraditional flavors (like basil and lemon marmalades) and as-yet-seen-by-me preserves (like orange jam).

So take a look around at the site and get in touch if you’re interested in having something shipped. My jams are made from organic ingredients, local when possible, and have a shelf-life of two years. Once you open them up, they’re good for several months in the fridge.

I also make salad dressings, rubs, and barbecue sauce. If I can dream it, I can make it!

Have an idea for a flavor combination? Let me know!

I also do special orders and party favors. Nothing quite like a mini jar of homemade jam for a party!

Artist’s Statement:


My work engages the mystical and fantastic while also engaging social, political, and cultural issues of today. I make broad use of diverse subjects from social media addiction to death, dying, and bereavement, feminism, popular culture, civil rights, intimate relationships, and the mysteries of life.

While I have a consistent medium and methodological approach to collage, I use a variety of materials; found objects, scraps of paper, original photography, magazine/book images, graveyard dirt, oils and herbs found in spells, coins, and acrylic paints find their way into my work for a truly varied representation of the themes in my art. The subject matter tends to dictate what I’ll use in each college.


Unique to my work is that every piece is original; I do not make copies. The pieces that buyers take home (or the pieces commissioned) are theirs and theirs alone. 



Contact me for more information on these pieces or to purchase directly, click below!