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Aeon Magazine's article on Zombies, featuring Dr. Sutler-Cohen


Selected Presentations and Publications:





Sutler-Cohen, Sara. “Perched High," "The Desk," "Broken." Memoir Magazine: True Stories Told Through Words, Sights, and Sounds. 2017, 2018.


Sutler-Cohen, Sara. Forthcoming. Vex Mortem. Novel.


Sutler-Cohen, Sara. Forthcoming. Mind Slips. Novel.


'Plans are pointless. Staying alive is as good as it gets.' Zombie Sociology & The Politics of Survival. Zombies Are Us: Interdisciplinary Collection of Essays on The Zombie. MacFarland Press. 2012.


(Dis)Locating Spiritual Knowledge: Embodied Ideologies, Social Landscapes, and the Power of the Neoshamanic Other. Cultural Representations and Contestation in Native America. Andrew Jolivette, ed. 2006. AltaMira Press.


'Spirit Guides Me’: An Exploration Into Neoshamanism in Northern California. University of California, Santa Cruz, (Ph.D. Dissertation): June 2005.


The Indigenous Diaspora in Academics and the Impact of the Red Power Movement on the Inclusion of American Indian Scholarship. Humboldt State University, (Master’s Thesis): 2000.


Presentations of Note


“Teaching Non-Indians All About Indians: Classroom Reflections on Land, Identity, and Power in the Urban Indian Context.” Popular & American Culture Association National Meetings. March 28­-31, 2018. Indianapolis, Indiana.


"Teaching Non-Indians All about Indians: Classroom Reflections on Land, Identity, and Power in the Urban Indian Context." Organization for American Historians Annual Conference. April 7-10, 2016.


"Terror Most Sacred: Heavy Metal as Satanic Messenger in Horror Films & Music Videos." Popular Culture & American Culture Association National Meeting. March 2016. Seattle, WA. 


Keynote Speaker, Tribe & Rite: A Heavy Metal Student Conference. The University of Victoria on November 8-9, 2014.


“Road Hard Tour Metal: Cultural Capital vs. Socioeconomic Realities for Touring Metal Bands.” Pacific Sociological Association. March 2014. Portland, OR

Session Moderator: “Women in Metal” with Laina Dawes and Sarah Kitteringham. Noctis Valkyries: Lucifer Rex. September 2013. Calgary, AB.


Session Moderator: “Are Women Ruining Metal? Are the days of offending everyone over?: Social Taboos, Gender, and Metal” with Dr. Deena Weinstein. Noctis Valkyries: Lucifer Rex. September 2013. Calgary, AB.


Panel Participant, “Metal Scholars Meet Up.” Noctis V: Baphomiss Metal Fest and Conference. Invited Participant. September 29th, 2012. Calgary, AB.






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