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I am a writer, editor, indexer, researcher, faculty and graduate student mentor, career development specialist, and part-time professor. For over twenty years, my work has revolved around curriculum design (specializing in online and hybrid), mentoring, and university teaching, though most recently I've returned to what I've always wanted to do: creative writing (memoir and fiction). I have an added background in educational administration and now freelance as a Coach and Mentor in a wide range of areas and for a diverse range of people from college and graduate students and new faculty to folks experiencing career changes. My work as an Editor and Indexer focuses on developmental editing and copyediting and indexing social science academic books and articles as well as cookbooks.


I have been a full-time tenured faculty member, a department chair, a Dean, and the Programming Director for a film festival and a music festival/academic conference. I continue to broaden my scope of knowledge by participating in professional development activities which bolster my talents as an Instructor, Guide, Mentor, and Leader. I have a strong foundation of analytical, research and conceptual thinking abilities which I use in my various projects. I am also trained in leadership and administration. 


I am currently working on my memoir, a cookbook, two novels, and a collection of short stories. I teach part-time at Bellevue College and Colorado State University-Global Campus.


Photo by Cami Flake Photography
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